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The DJ

Your DJ needs to be experienced across the music genre and should not self indulge in their own music preferences. They must have a broad knowledge of music across the decades so maturity helps. Above all else they must play music people want to dance to or sing along with if that's their thing. The DJ needs to be ; charismatic, charming, funny, tenacious and listen to want you want after all you are the "boss" it is your event. 

I hope I'm all of the above 15 years has taught me a lot about this game and I know how to make your event special. I will spend as much time before the event with you either at a face to face or zoom or phone call to go through all the fine detail and the planning of your event (especially for weddings as there is usually so much going on this is crucial as planning and timings are key). 

You must Trust in Me.

    The Music

    Where do I start on this subject after all this is all about taste at the end of the day. You can never please everyone all of the time particularly where you have a diverse group of people. So don't expect grandma to get down on it and bump and grind  to "Jump Around" by House of Pain (then again maybe she will) the trick is to please everyone at least some of the time.  One persons killer track is another persons worst nightmare. Unless your party is specifically themed e.g. 70's disco or Ibiza Club Anthems what you will need is an eclectic mix of genres maybe throw in a couple of those guilty pleasures that you love to hate but can't help yourself.  Your guests must either be dancing their socks off or singing at the top of their lungs. I will say this again "it is your party" but sometimes your favorite songs are not necessarily great tunes to dance to so prior consultation is always key. Beware of things like football anthems they can divide a room I know from bitter experience.  Requests can be a good thing to keep everyone happy but be warned they can also lead to problems. Particularly requests from the kids at the party where there is a danger of killing the party vibe  after playing Mr Brightside by then playing Gangnam Style or Baby Shark for example.

    Trust in your DJ!


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Get in touch.

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